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Decorating with Difference

By now your big day is over and it’s time to kick back and enjoy yourself with your new life partner, family and friends at the Wedding Reception. Once again, work out your guest list and decide on a venue and style of event that you both would like to share in celebration of your union. The Wedding in most cultures is hosted from the bride’s side of the family and the Reception can be given from the Grooms side or both.

Trends in the UK and USA are rapidly moving towards grand Reception Stages. The concept has not completely taken off here but those who have attended weddings and receptions overseas have adopted this style for their own events here in Sydney. Mandap Pillars are converted into structural pillars and teamed up with the right backdrop can make for a majestic stage fit for a newly wedded King and Queen. Be wise with your colour selection. 

Stage Setups

Stage Setups can be as grand or as elegant as you would like. At VIP we thrive on our brides & grooms bringing their own ideas, where we can then assist by placing the right props to give you a magical result. 2012 & 2013 has seen many new stage setups emerge through VIP concepts. Lighting also plays a key role and we can assist you with this as well.